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Grantmaking Philosophy

Our role in South Africa continues to grow exponentially. Not only are we providing a better education for children and treating chronic diseases, but we have also established a medical research program focused on TB. We continue to make great strides in the AIDS pandemic. We have added the TB program as TB is now killing more people in the area than AIDS. We have moved from mere treatment towards eradication. - JOHN J. CANTERBURY III, Executive Director

The Wilson Foundation supports the work of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in and around Vaalwater, South Africa. We chose rural South Africa as our geographic focus because the area is home to some of the world's most complex problems, including the HIV/AIDS pandemic and a large population of orphans and other vulnerable children. It is also an area that has little access to funding from other nonprofit organizations.

Through direct grants and funding collaborations, we help community-based organizations that work directly with children and families. We believe that locally-led NGO's are best able to identify and address community needs and create effective solutions. With our sustained support, these grassroots organizations are achieving desired outcomes and are expanding their capacity to serve the local population.

The advantage of our grantmaking model - providing support in a specific area over a sustained period of time- is that we are able to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of our grants over a period of years. For example:
  • Orphans and other at-risk children have a safe place to spend their time outside of school
  • Adults who would have died of AIDS several years ago are now restored to health and are now productive members of the community
  • Children who live in a third world environment have the opportunity to receive a quality, first-world education

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There are many ways you can support our efforts to bring help and hope to the children of South Africa. While we receive many generous offers to donate products, supplies and other items, the cost to ship these items to South Africa is often prohibitive. Therefore, we encourage monetary donations to help meet local needs.

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